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ZATCA: Basics of Value Added Tax (VAT) in Saudi Arabia

Types of Supplies Under KSA VAT Law

As clarified below, supplies under KSA VAT are classified into zero-rated supplies, taxable supplies, and exempted supplies.

zatca vat categories

ZATCA: Penalties for VAT Offenses

Whenever there is any violation of any VAT rules or regulations, the ZATCA authority has a right to impose penalties and fines on the taxable persons. It can also decide the level of penalty or fine based on the behavior and the cooperation received from the taxpayer. Below list explains the nature of the offense and its related penalties:

ZATCA: Penalties for Offenses

If the violation is repeated for a second time, the authority may choose to double the fine or penalty if it occurs within three years of the issuance of the initial decision.

While VAT might appear a bit intricate or convoluted, it becomes quite clear-cut with a straightforward application. ZATCA's Knowledge Center offers video tutorials, guides, instructions, frequently asked questions, Zakat Academy, and numerous other resources to ensure the smooth implementation of VAT.


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