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Resolving Time on QR Code does not match with Invoice Issue Time

Time on QR Code does not match with Invoice Issue Time

In ZATCA E-invoicing , particularly on reporting simplified documents, you may face an issue where the time indicated on the QR Code does not match the invoice issue time. This mismatch can lead to warning in processing these documents.

Understanding the Problem:

This issue typically arises when the issue datetime reported in the QR code and in the XML do not have the same timezone. A common mistake is the inconsistency in timezone representation. For instance, a suffix 'Z' indicates UTC timezone, but its absence implies a local timezone.

Recommended Solutions:

To rectify this issue, the following steps are suggested:

  • Ensure both the QR code and XML report the issue datetime in the same timezone.

  • Preferably use the UTC timezone for reporting, as it is universal and can be easily converted to any local timezone. Local timezones without a specific indication (like 'Z' for UTC) can lead to inaccuracies unless processed in the same timezone.

  • Add the suffix 'Z' to your QR code's issue_datetime and also to the IssueTime field in XML to align with UTC standards.

This information is also available in the documentation for further reference.


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